Planetárium (Ostrava)

Address: K Planetáriu 502, 725 26 Ostrava


Phone: +420 596 994 950

The spherical cinema (Planetarium Hall) has modern technologies that create a unique all-sky projection. Using them, we can also display the starry sky with all the astronomical objects and phenomena that take place in the real sky. For example, we can travel through the Solar System and distant space and closely observe alien stars, interstellar nebulae, and entire galaxies. We show fairy tales and films in the form of sky projection, the starry sky is part of music programs and concerts.

Tickets for the given program can be reserved directly in the current program. Reserved tickets can be purchased during opening hours at the Planetarium reception. However, paying by card (except for the observatory) is possible.

Cinema program

Whale Nation     + Akce
Fr  21.04.  5 p.m.

Who We Were     + Akce
Fr  21.04.  6:30 p.m.

Sa  22.04.  3:30 p.m.

Sa  22.04.  5 p.m.

-22.7°C     + Akce
Sa  22.04.  6 p.m.