Pensioners strike back!

April 3, 2024

Scoundrels attack them at every step. They are not safe from them even at home. Not opening the door to strangers will not help; they will easily fall into the trap, even if they just take the phone. When fraudsters rob Blaga of the money saved for her husband's grave like this, she wants to deal with the situation honestly, but the world around her insists more on tough revenge.

The Bulgarian film Blažiny lekce is above all a great movie, with a fall, gradation, full of emotions and wonderfully acted. In particular, the representative of Blaga, Eli Skorčeva, wins viewers' hearts and festival juries worldwide. She received the award for female acting last year in Karlovy Vary, where the film also won the Crystal Globe. In Rome, director Stefan Komandarev was successful with the jury, who was also appreciated for opening up an important topic.

Crime against the elderly is a twisted phenomenon of recent times, which we not only often read about in the newspapers, but most of us today already know someone who has personally encountered it. Its methods are increasingly sophisticated, and the spectrum of perpetrators is broader. Fraudsters have upgraded from the desperate snatching of the purse containing the pension through fake energy consumption readings and fraudulent advertisements. They are now massively sneaking into the homes of the elderly via phones and the Internet with sophisticated psychological operations. Not to mention monsters like Stodolovi.

After screening the film in Ostrava's Minikino on Wednesday, April 10, with a reduced entrance fee for seniors, experts on the subject will offer us a deeper look at various aspects of this problem. The guests of the discussion Lesson: Unfair practices will be Gabriela Fialová, director of the Czech Trade Inspection - Inspectorate for the Olomouc and Moravian-Silesian Region, and Pavel Schweiner from the project E-Safety. Anna Bangoura will moderate the discussion.

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